Why your Central Heating Requires Regular Servicing

A gas powered central heating system is indeed a complex assortment of tanks, pumps, burners and pipes, and like most things, on order to work as it should, your heating system needs servicing on a regular basis. If you do not schedule maintenance for your heating, there will come a day when it simply stops working, and that could lead to a very costly repair.

Annual Heating Service

If you call the local plumbing services in Ealing, they would be happy to schedule a service, and the best time to do that is right now, before the really cold weather arrives. A heating service would involve the following:

  1. Inspection of the heating system while running – The heating engineer would ask you to fire up the central heating about 15 minutes prior to his arrival.
  2. Testing the thermostat – An inaccurate thermostat can mean you use much more fuel than you need.
  3. Checking the burner – The engineer will be looking for a blue flame, which indicates a lean burn.
  4. Inspecting the boiler – Looking for signs of corrosion, water or gas leaks.
  5. Flue inspection – The flue is critical, as it channels away toxic fumes and the flue should be clear of obstructions and securely attached.
  6. Radiator inspection – The final stage of the service is to check that all radiators are working properly, and any air trapped in the system can be removed.

If you have yet to arrange for your heating to be serviced, search online for a nearby heating engineer and they would be happy to book you in at a convenient time and date.

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