What to Bear in Mind When Damp Proofing a Property

Water and moisture can wreak havoc on our homes, heavy winds and flooding can cause our properties to come under attack from moisture and water damage. Dampness in our homes is something we must take seriously. Even heavy snowfall during the winter can lead to moisture damage that can wear down existing building materials and deteriorate structures. If you are thinking about installing a damp proof membrane in Richmond, there are several companies in the area who can assist with your enquiries.

If you are concerned about water damage in your property, look for some of these signs:

  • Bubbling plaster
  • Discolouration on the walls or ceiling
  • Loose mortar between brickwork
  • Struggling to adhere paint to the walls
  • Wallpaper that easily lifts off the surface

If you notice any of these issues, your home may already be suffering from rising damp.

Applying Treatment

An experienced damp proofing company will be able to visit your premises and assess your home. If they think you are experiencing rising damp or your property is in danger of becoming a victim, they can treat the area. A membrane is a highly effective way of protecting walls and ceilings. You don’t have to treat the entire building, just the areas that need it.

Call an Expert

Although you can pick up some damp proofing products at your local hardware store, no one will do it better than a professional. They’ll provide a comprehensive analysis of your home and apply the right solution.

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