Tree Services

What you do to trees is just an image of what you do to yourself and your neighbor. Trees are just like poems that the Earth projects upon the beautiful sky. Cutting down trees destroys the soil and leads to a deficiency in purified air that strengthens you. Just like any other plant, trees need services that include pruning, trimming, and preventive conservation.

A skilled tree Care Company should handle the health of your trees to maintain their beauty. For over 15 years, VMG has gained experience as an effective tree care service provider in the Atlanta region. Being a professional company, we are proud to have taken part in the cleanup exercise carried by the Ivan hurricane afterward and during snowstorms affecting the Northern region. We prioritize and endorse the safety and protection of your home through the provision of specialized and commercial arborist tree service.  Some of the services that we offer include.

  • Tree pruning

Excess branches and leaves in trees prevent sunlight penetration and create a conducive environment for feral animals. We cut the extra leaves at specific points through a professionalized tree pruning exercise that the tree maintains its shape and boosts its strength.

  • Canopy raise

To achieve a high tree canopy, the lower limbs of the tree, which are usually long, are removed. This shapes the tree up and allows light to pass through the lower sections of the tree, making it more beautiful.

  • Emergency tree removal

Your safety is a priority; thus, whenever the removal of a tree is required, we do it skillfully, making it seem much more straightforward. Most of such scenes occur when old trees fall on houses or maybe fall and block the road.

  • Trees removal

Are there sick, old dying trees around your homestead or place of work? Did you know that any occurrence of a storm will expose you to harm? Contact us to remove the tree to avoid any harm.

  • Tree trimming

Trimming your trees helps in keeping the trees under control and maintain their beauty. It would be best to avoid overgrown trees since they tend to create room for unnumbered insecurity cases.

  • Stump grinding

For already cut-down trees, their stumps also need to be removed and grinding. But worry not, for we will do the task effectively.

  • Land clearing

Having a task force of machines alongside our skilled workers, VMG can clear vegetation and trees for commercial or residential purposes. Let not land clearing hinder you from your achieving your life projects.

  • Remains and Moving Service

Are you in need of removing leftovers from demolition sites, remodeling processes, or new construction projects? Then search no more. We are skilled for such services, may it be carrying away remains including lumber, steel, and concrete.

  • Preventive maintenance

Prevention is better than cure. Times the tree base may start being dark, and you are not sure of what it means. Cutting down trees should not be the priority. Instead, you should contact us to check up on the tree’s health state. Most of the time, only the decaying part is removed and still works out.

Your safety is our priority, which makes our services not be comparable.

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