Things To Know When Buying An Air Cooler

It’s been a great winter, but now it’s time to say goodbye to your woollens and welcome summer. The scorching Indian summer is something you can’t avoid, but you sure can make it comfortable. One effective solution to make summers a pleasant experience is the air cooler. With many options available, it might be confusing to choose the right product. Here is an easy-to-understand guide to buying an air cooler online.

The factors that you need to consider before buying an air cooler are:

Room Size

The size of your room would decide the air cooler you need. You can get coolers for room sizes ranging from 160 square feet to 650 square feet. A room with a higher cooling room area would require higher air delivery. The cooling room area is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. The cubic feet of your room divided by two gives you the CFM. For example, if your room is 650 square feet and the ceiling is 10 square feet, then the cubic feet would be 6500 square feet. The CFM is half the cubic feet or 3250 square feet.

So make sure to only buy coolers according to your room size.

Water Tank Capacity

There is a direct correlation between the room size and the water tank capacity in an air cooler. You get a wide variety of sizes for water tanks ranging from 20 to 80 litres. Desert coolers, for example, have a water tank capacity of 65 litres and are meant for rooms that are up to 650 sqft. They can cool rooms that are over 3000 CFM or 6000 CF.

If you have smaller rooms with a cooling room area of up to 400 CFM or 800 CF, then your best choice would be personal coolers. These coolers have a water tank capacity of 10 litres and are ideal for smaller rooms. Larger water tanks keep the air coolers running longer.

The process of cooling is known as evaporative cooling with the conversion of water into water vapour. The fan or blower gives out cool air as the temperature is reduced through this method.

Air Speed Control

With this feature, you can control the airflow in the room that also helps in regulating the temperature in the room. Make sure that the air cooler has a 3-speed regulator. It should also have a motorized louvre movement. There is a 4-way air deflection for more even cooling of every corner of your room.

Cooling Pads

The cooling ability of your air cooler depends on the cooling pads. They retain water, and when water flows through them, it becomes cooler. Honeycomb cooling pads are more efficient compared to aspen pads. The latter is designed using synthetic fibre, and wood shavings making them less durable and expensive to maintain.

Honeycomb pads are thicker, cheaper to maintain, and have a longer life. Some coolers have an ice chamber where you can put in ice cubes for a superior cooling experience, even in the worst summers. Crompton air coolers come with these honeycomb pads that provide better cooling compared to other cooling pads in the market.


The air cooler has a durable fibre body making it rust-free. The exteriors of these coolers are smooth, and you can clean them easily. The large ice chambers are easy to clean.

The water-drain plug makes maintenance hassle-free. If you go for some Crompton coolers with an Everlast pump, you don’t need to worry about damage to your air cooler due to hard water since it’s specially designed to work well in this type of water. The mosquito and dust-filter net also help with maintenance besides keeping your room free of dust or mosquitoes. The clean and hygienic environment created by these filters has long-term health benefits. This also helps to extend the life of the honeycomb cooling pads and the air cooler.

Some coolers have motors with overload protection so that your motor is not damaged, and this prolongs the life of your air cooler.

Inverter Compatibility

If you are worried about your air cooler letting you down during a power outage, then stop worrying and go for an air cooler that can run on an inverter. These coolers will allow you to have uninterrupted cooling during the hottest summers. These coolers are energy efficient and ensure 50% lower energy consumption compared to standard air coolers. So go for coolers from brands like Crompton that have inverter compatibility for the coolers.

Smart functions

Go for air coolers that come with digital functions like remote-controlled operation, so along with cooling, you also get convenience. You can control the temperature of your room by changing the settings of your air cooler with the remote.

These technologically advanced coolers come with an auto-fill function. You don’t need to worry about refilling the cooler tank in the middle of the night since the air cooler takes care of it.

You also have automatic water level controllers in these coolers that ensure that water does not exceed the preset levels and lead to seepage.


The modern air cooler comes in sleek and stylish designs and doesn’t occupy a lot of space. They also have castor wheels, making them portable. You can place them in any corner of your room for maximum cooling. Tower coolers are meant for your kitchen to make cooking an enjoyable and sweat-free experience.

The larger and wider the air blades, the higher the air delivery and uniform cooling in your room. Air delivery varies from 1350 m3/hr to 5500 m3/hr.

Stay Cool In The Hottest Summers

The best air cooler in India gives you all the features mentioned above, along with a warranty. Find out the air cooler that meets your needs and invest in long-term comfort.

Make sure to fo proper research on quality and air cooler price before deciding on the product. Go for trusted brands like Crompton that offer assured quality and affordable prices.

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