Some Of The Many Pests That Arrive Unannounced In The UK.

When we want people coming to visit us, we invite them and when people turn up unannounced, then it is fair to say, that we are not impressed with this. It puts us out and it means that we have to make changes that we are not prepared for. It makes the whole visit a negative experience for everyone. Now, imagine if something came to your home, walked on past you and set themselves up in your home. Would you be happy about that? The answer is surely no, and yet it happens almost every day in the UK.

I am, of course, talking about pests in the guise of animals, birds and insects and they actually make our lives hell when they decide to set up home in our home. Here are some of the critters that make us have to call domestic pest control in Bradford.


  1. Bees and wasps are a constant worry, especially for those of us with young kids and for elderly people. They set up hives in bushes and on the outside of our home and they can be dangerous.

  1. Pigeons are a scourge on any person’s home as they are a filthy animal and they leave droppings everywhere. These rats with wings need to be moved on quickly before they settle in.

  1. Rats, mice and squirrels are all animals that can get into your roof space and cause havoc up there. They chew through essential wiring and the noise of them in the roof space would drive anyone crazy.

These are only a few of the many pests that try to visit us without asking in the United Kingdom. If they arrive, get the pest controller out.






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