A guide to Building a Two-Storey Extension

Many UK homeowners have added a two-storey extension to their property, as this offers optimum extra space, with both floors adjoining the main house. Obviously, a two-storey extension would cost more than a single storey addition, yet it does give you a lot more space, with either a single or double room upstairs, and if you are looking for a lot of extra space, the two-storey extension is preferred.

Sourcing the Builder

Whether you are planning to build a two-storey extension in Basingstoke or Windsor, a Google search is the best place to start your quest for a good builder. While some builders specialise in new builds, other focus on extensions, so look for a local builder that has extensive experience with extension work, and they can assist with the design stage and also planning permission from the local authority.

Important Aspects

The following are important when planning a two-storey extension:

  • The extension should be in keeping with the house design.
  • The design should not infringe local by-laws.
  • The extension should not block out natural light for any neighbouring properties.

Costing the Project

This can only be done when the design has been finalised, and once the plans are agreed upon, the builder can give you an all-inclusive quotation for the project. A project timeline would be set, and the builder would ensure that he remains within the budget and the agreed time schedule.

The builder would co-ordinate the scaffolding and other essential services, while also dealing with the local council regarding planning permission.

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